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Health Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

What are the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle? Sticking to a vegan diet can have a range of health benefits for all of us. There is even some proof that being vegan may make you better in bed. Your body converts vegan foods into energy must faster, and this is perhaps why many vegans […]

Men get BEADS inserted into their penises in a bid to be better at sex

PEARLING procedures are on the rise. The body modification involves the insertion of beads into the penis – which may make you better in bed.

National masturbation month: ‘Room with a View’ move will take your orgasm to new heights

IF YOU feel like enjoying a little bit of solo fun, why not try this move?

What it’s like to date a stripper, according to an exotic dancer

AN ADULT entertainer revealed what it’s like to date a stripper or porn star. The exotic dancer said it can be difficult for sex workers to set boundaries.

Game of Thrones sex position will drive couples WILD this weekend

ARE you a Game of Thrones fan? Here’s the perfect sex position to keep you going during an episode.

Money can’t definitely solve everything all the time especially when it comes to love.

Genuine love does not really come because of the money. Having a lot of resources is definitely good and a lot of great things can come out of it but it’s not the answer to everything. There’s definitely a lot of guys who are still struggling with whatever they are going through just because they […]

This is the biggest mistake men make during sex, according to women

WOMEN shared the sexual habits that annoy them most. Finishing first and failing to engage in foreplay were pinpointed as the most irritating qualities.

Where is the G-spot? Here’s how to access the orgasm-inducing erogenous zone

A SEXPERT reveals all about the elusive G-spot. Here’s how to find it, as well as tips for stimulating the area to make orgasms even better.